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Aurum Organic is a Burlington, VT (USA) based small business with global vision. We are motivated to produce apparel that preserves our natural resources and makes our world a happier and healthier place. Aurum Organic believes that we can work with businesses and retailers to provide apparel that will change what we wear in the future and the resources we use to produce it. By redefining how business is done, we will present alternatives that are regulated, monitored and transparent. We will redefine the life cycle of our apparel by promoting investments in the future of manufacturing. We will help provide products our customers and their consumers will be proud to own.


By providing products that are made with fabrics such as organic cotton, grown without pesticides or chemicals, sewn and knitted using wind and water power and then offering the most sustainable embellishment available, we have a footprint that most companies would envy. We recognize that through our best efforts we still leave a footprint that we wear as a constant reminder that we can do more. By tracing all of our steps we can offer a Carbon Neutral product by offsetting the balance of our carbon with companies that invest in clean renewable energy. Our unique program allows you to choose the project you would prefer to invest your offset purchase in. This is what makes us a true partner in your success.

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