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Aurum Organic is a Burlington, VT (USA) based small business with global vision. Our mission is to recognize the need for more fashionable styles and business casual designs in sustainable organic clothing. Our philosophy embraces the preservation of our earth and its ecological needs. We deal exclusively in clothing made from renewable fiber sources, grown without the use of harmful pesticides and processed without the use of chemicals that are harmful for people and the planet. By carefully selecting only the best products, we offer you the finest quality in 100% Organic Cotton clothing and other products made of Eco friendly blended fabrics. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, organic products do not deplete the planet's resources. Our organic clothing is manufactured for comfort and a lasting quality and at the end of its lifecycle is 100% biodegradable. 

Fashion is about to enter the eco-age, and issues concerning sustainability, fair trade, and organic production are seeping into our fashion conscience, offering a vital emotional connection that many luxury brands now seek. In other words, organic and environmental friendly fashion is finally starting to be recognized as real fashion and not just clothes made for people in “socks and sandals."


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