Our Carbon Neutral Program

Aurum Organic has made it an important part of our business model to be aware of how much our lifestyles and activities contribute to atmospheric pollution and global climate change. Once we know the extent to which we contribute carbon dioxide to the atmosphere (measured in tons) is make the job of offsetting our negative impact much easier in our lives and our business. For many it is very difficult to reduce our impact. Some of us fly on business and others have long commutes. As we make adjustment to minimize our impact we are able to utilize offsets to create renewable energy that might not have been built or would have taken years to build because of the lack of financing. Whether you lead a low or high impact lifestyle, it is important to think about becoming carbon neutral.

We have taken the effort to provide a carbon footprint analysis of our entire business model. We use a third party source to calculate the footprint of our products. By using an outside independent company we are able to provide a more accurate account of our energy usage and eliminate the possibility of over purchasing to compensate for estimated calculations. This also allows us to identify specific areas of our production that we need to improve to lower our carbon footprint before we offset. By using an outside source to analyze our CO2 output, we can purchase offsets from different resources. We realize that there are many businesses that actively offset their own carbon impact and we allow them to pick their own provider to offset their apparel purchase. For those companies that do not have that relationship, we provide a list of companies and projects that we have found to be reputable and allow you to apply your purchase to a specific project.

How does it work?

When you decide to purchase a Carbon Neutral shirt, we take into account the footprint of our manufacturing, delivery to our warehouse, printing with one of our certified printers and the delivered to your destination.

Then we provide a list of offset providers with a selection of wind, solar and methane projects that can be chosen and offsets applied. Prices vary from $3 - $20 per ton, depending on the provider. Aurum provides your calculation in tons of CO2. Your purchase is tax deductable. The providers track the energy output from all of these projects and ensure that your purchase has a meaningful impact. We prefer to use offset companies that deal in renewable energies as opposed to tree planting, because they can more accurately calculate the amount of carbon offset and they are much easier to tack over its productive lifecycle.

 Aurum Organic provides all the documentation and additional tools to market your Carbon Neutral Apparel. The key to making this work is being transparent. Eventually we hope to be able to provide a Carbon Neutral product without the need for offsets. We will have achieved our energy goal when that day comes.

The Truth About Carbon Offsets

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